DL English|03 jul, 09:51 AM|POR NATHANAEL PÉREZ NERÓ

The MLB opens its checkbooks to local talent

A record investment on the first day of signing, with 18 new 16-year-old millionaires

SANTO DOMINGO. The Big League organizations fulfilled what had been forecast, and yesterday they opened their checkbooks as never before in order to recruit Dominican talent. Some US$46.6 million was committed to 35 adolescents in yesterday's session, according to numbers compiled by Diario Libre based on information from Major League Baseball, agents, trainers and Baseball America.The number on...

DL English|03 jul, 09:48 AM|POR Tania Molina

Voluntary departures reach 31,275; deadline is Monday, 6 July

Of the Haitians who decided to abandon the country, the great majority did so through the frontier gates of Dajabon, where 23,541 persons left. This was followed by Elias pina, with a total of 4295; in Jimani with 2519 and Pedernales with 920 persons. Of those that let, 15,777 are men, 8371 are women and 7127 are minors.

DL English|03 jul, 09:45 AM|POR Lisania Batista

Business is opposed to use of ARL surpluses

He said that they would favor only those initiatives within the framework of the legal environment and that at the same time they should consolidate the institutionalism of the Dominican System of Social Security.

DL English|03 jul, 09:39 AM|POR Diario Libre

In the Dominican Republic 13% of minors have some kind of job

In the Dominican Republic 13% of children less than 17 years old have some type of work, whether farm, domestic or other work, according to the results of the Multiple Purpose National Survey of Homes - M ICS 2014, published by the National Statistics Office (ONE).

DL English|02 jul, 09:14 AM|POR Amilcar Nivar

People lose interest in using Vehicular Natural Gas

SANTO DOMINGO. The great interest that sprang up for Vehicular Natural Gas (VNG) at the beginning of 2010, which grew throughout 2011 and 2012 as a result of an effort between the public and private sectors, has fallen to such a point that there are workshops that have not done an installation in more than three months.The statistics of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) indicate that in 2010 natural gas equipment was installed in 446 vehicles; in 2011 the conversions totaled 2764; in 2012 they overflowed...

DL English|02 jul, 09:11 AM|POR Adonis Santiago Díaz

In one week there were 136 complaints of stolen cell phones

SD. For a long time, the theft of cell phones in the country was a thing of the past, but in the last few weeks this crime has increased considerably to the extreme that it has caused two deaths in the Cibao region.Citizens who have been victims of...

DL English|02 jul, 09:10 AM|POR Diario Libre

The Government calls the Human Rights Watch report a lie

SANTO DOMINGO. The Dominican government expressed yesterday its rejection of the report presented by the Human Rights Watch (HRW), in which the group accused the country of carrying out massive deportations against patients and their descendents...

DL English|02 jul, 09:09 AM|POR N. CAMPOS/A. DE LA ROSA/ T. MOLINA

Sectors react to visit by OAS commission

SANTO DOMINGO. The announcement by the Organization of American States (OAS) that it will send a mission to the Dominican Republic in order to be alert regarding the repatriations of Haitians revoked yesterday reactions from diverse sectors that...

DL English|02 jul, 09:08 AM|POR Yamalie Rosario

Environment says fire in Sierra de Bahoruco is nearly extinguished

SANTO DOMINGO. The Deputy Minister of Forest Resources of the Ministry of the Environment, Manuel Serrano, confirmed to Diario Libre that since last Friday they have registered several forest fires in the Sierra de Bahoruco and, since yesterday, the...

DL English|01 jul, 10:03 AM|POR MARIELA MEJIA

Trying to do business with clients of TelexFree

SD. The Dominican authorities estimated last year that more than 150,000 persons in this country were cheated by the Telex Free pyramid scheme. The endless wait for the return of the money is used as a way to do business with eventual earnings.A...

DL English|01 jul, 09:46 AM|POR Federico Méndez

SCJ will hand down its decision in Felix Bautista case on 11 August

SANTO DOMINGO. After a process which lasted for more than eight hours, the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice reserved its decision on the appeal filed by the Attorney General of the Republic, Francisco Dominguez Brito, until 11 August....

DL English|01 jul, 09:43 AM|POR Diario Libre

CODIA asks Public Works to study the Samana Highway

SD. The Dominican College of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors (CODIA) requested that the Ministry of Public Works carry out a thorough study of the Juan Pablo II Highway, also known as the Santo Domingo - Samana Highway and the Northeast...

DL English|01 jul, 09:41 AM|POR Diario Libre

Danilo inaugurates a second stretch of the Beltway

SANTO DOMINGO. The government put into service yesterday the second portion of Phase-A of the Santo Domingo Beltway, the Highway project which according to reports, will contribute to ease vehicular traffic in the province of Santo Domingo and in...

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