Bautista Rojas Gomez: "We must preserve the life of the pregnant woman"

SD. The Minister of Public Health, Bautista Rojas Gomez, said yesterday that, above all else, the life of the young pregnant woman who requires chemo-therapy treatment for the leukemia she has.

With his decision to authorize the treatment, he puts an end to the debate that came from doctors regarding whether or not to apply the chemo-therapy or not to the young woman who is nine weeks pregnant, since the treatments could cause an abortion, a procedure that is prohibited by the Dominican Constitution.

The debate came about after a group of women that took part in the recent forum "Full Citizenship of Women for Democracy" demanded that the authorities authorize the treatment, after the decision of the doctors at the SEMMA medical center, where the patient is hospitalized, and that of the Hematologist Scientific Association, which prefer to wait until 12 weeks of pregnancy. For the women that carried out the call, these three weeks could mean the death of the pregnant woman, only 16. "What we are saying is that the life of this young woman must be preserved above all else, which does not violate the Constitution when we administer chemo-therapy, since on the contrary, there is a risk to both lives," sand the Minister of Public Health.

Rojas Gomez said he feels that in this case they were not dealing with a voluntary abortion, but rather one as a consequence of a medication, which might cause it, but it is possible that it will not happen. ‘There is no need to go before any board, I have already decided, and this is a decision that if the relative accept the use of medications, the doctors have the duty to administer it," he stressed. The mother of the minor is in agreement, according to what he said.

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