Fight against cholera goes to Cibao

  • As of yesterday there were 12 cases
SANTO DOMINGO. After the appearance of five cases of cholera in the Cibao, the National Commission of the Fight against Cholera will go tomorrow, Friday, to Santiago to session and adopt strategies for searching for possible new cases.

This was reported by the Minister of Public Health, Bautista Rojas Gomez, who assured reporters that in the latest lab reports that he had received yesterday afternoon, there were no new cases found in the samples sent to the National Laboratory.

The meeting of the members of the commission is set for 9:00 a.m. in the regional headquarters of the Public Health Ministry.

Rojas Gomes said that the meeting is also a part of the national campaign of prevention of the disease, and of the importance of maintaining watchfulness over it and the prevention activities that are taking place in the North Region.

"As of this moment, in no area, province, or community of the country have any persons been found affected by the illness, so that the situation remains at 12 cases positive for cholera and we have so informed the public", he said.

With relation to the national mobilization against cholera, the Minister of Health said that the National Campaign continues to go forward successfully in the barrios, sectors and provinces with the participation of diverse sectors of the national scene.

He said that the Dominican society and the international community can be sure and confident that opportune and trustworthy information will be made available regarding the status of the disease.

He guaranteed that the work of searching for suspicious cases would continue throughout the national territory.


The personnel of the National Council for the Aging (CONAPE) joined the national campaign for the prevention of cholera that the Ministry of Health is coordinating, visiting dozens of houses of elderly adults who were taught about how to prevent the disease.

The director of the agency, Mathalie Maria, explained that since this institution is the closest to the grandparents, they have carried out the prevention campaign since last month, in order for the aging to receive the orientation as to how the disease is transmitted, the symptoms and how to keep the area where food is handled clean and hygienic.

Maria explained that the operations were focused on various areas of Santo Domingo and the National District, such as Santa Barbara, San Miguel, San Lazaro, el Conde, and the most vulnerable barrios of the 30 provinces of the country.

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