Flooding causes serious damage in the Cibao; President Medina travels the area

PUERTO PLATA. President Danilo Medina took a trip yesterday around the cities and towns of Imbert and Luperon in the province of Puerto Plata. These towns were affected by the flooding caused by the rains that have been falling in the North for several days. In the Center for Emergency Operations (COE) they said that there were more than 3,000 persons displaced, more than 60 communities cut off and several schools affected along with some bridges.

In the province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez, damages were reported in the schools of Kilometer 5 in the municipality of El Factor and in Acapulco in the city of Rio San Juan, among others. According to the authorities some 25,000 tareas (about 1600 hectares) of the rice harvest were damaged.

The President arrived at Imbert at 2:14 p.m. with a small escort and accompanied by the Presidential spokesman, Robert Rodriguez Marchena, and other local officials.

During his tour of the sector of La Yagüita in the city, Medina talked with several of the families affected by the rains and promised them substantial assistance.

While the Chief of State walked in the middle of the mud caused by the flooding, the national deputy director of Civil Defense, Francisco Arias, handed the President a report on the damages caused by the rains in Puerto Plata.

According to the report, in the province there were 1,500 houses affected, among them three houses which were completely destroyed.

The worst damage occurred in the La Yagüita sector where the waters of the Bajabonico and the Obispo rivers flooded dozens of houses, destroying possessions and causing other damage.

Several units from the Economic Kitchens came to the area that was affected and distributed hundreds of rations of hot food.

Onamet report

The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) reported that this week begins with a reduction in the rains along the Atlantic Coast. The most significant aspect is the deterioration of the ocean, with waves between 6 and 8 feet and above. The warning about flooding is still in force, and well as the warning about rivers and streams overflowing their banks as well as landslides, for Montecristi. And there is an alert for Dajabon, Santiago Rodriguez, Valverde, Maria Trinidad Sanchez and Samana for the same dangers.
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