Penn & Schoen give PLD the edge in DN, SD, and Santiago

SANTO DOMINGO. The pollsters Penn, Schoen & Berland yesterday gave the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) a 10% lead over the Dominican Revolutionary Party in voter preference for the congressional and municipal elections of 16 May. The poll gives the PLD 55% in the Senate race against 38% for the PRD and 3% for the PRSC. Regarding the deputies, the PLD got 54%, the PRD 39% and the Reformist Party (PRSC) just 2%. At the municipal level the PLD obtained 53%, the PRD 41% and the PRSC 5%.

The poll was taken between the 17 and 21 April with a sample of 1,470 persons.

PLD candidates should win

In the Senate race in the National District, the PLD candidate Reinaldo Pared Perez obtained a 54% plurality against the 43% preference for the PRD candidate Milagros Ortiz Bosch. In the mayor's race, Roberto Salcedo (PLD) got 56% and Alfredo Pacheco (PRD) 42%.

In Santiago, the Senate candidate for the PLD, Julio Cesar Valentin, reached a 64% voter preference over the PRD candidate, Orlando Jorge Mera, who got 34%. In the mayor's race, the candidate of the PLD-PRSC alliance , Jose Enrique Sued holds a 54% to 45% edge over the PRD candidate Gilberto Serulle.

In Santo Domingo, the PLD candidate for the Senate, Cristina Lizardo holds a 575 voter preference over 38% for Francisco Peña (PRD). In the race for mayor in East Santo Domingo, Juan de los Santos (PLD) holds a 67% to 29% lead over the PRD's Tonty Rutinel.

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