| 19 OCT 2010, 12:00 AM

Colonel Soriano Familia testifies in F. Agosto case

He said that in one of the two apartments "nothing incriminating was found"

SD. National Police Colonel Elvin Soriano Familia, who led the searches in the apartments of Sobeida Felix Morel, testified yesterday as a witness in the preliminary phase of the trial of the persons accused of money laundering involving Jose Figueroa Agosto.

Answering questions from the lawyer Felix Portes, representing Felix Morel, and who called the colonel as a witness for the defense, the colonel said that in one of the two apartments that were searched, the one with the number 14B, "nothing incriminating was found".

Soriano Familia is the agent pointed out by Feliz Morel as the one who supposedly took "a bundle" during the search of the apartments.

The statement by the colonel was constantly interrupted by the prosecution that alleged subjectivity to the questions and at other moments, "inferred answers".

Mario de la Cruz, the sales manager at the Peralta gun shop, also testified. The gun shop was where the weapons that were found during the search of one of the Felix Morel properties were alleged purchased.

DNI Director

Yesterday, Judge Claribel Nivar Arias rejected the request for the appearance of Major General Ramon Aquino Garcia, the director of the National Investigation Department (DNI), requested by the defense council for Felix Morel.

The magistrate of the Second Court of Instruction for the National District also rejected the appearance of the assistant prosecutor Ricardo Manuel Sterlin Perez.
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