| 04 OCT 2013, 12:00 AM

Dominican Republic explains to Haiti that the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal is independent

President Medina told the UN that they have nothing to do with this issue

SANTO DOMINGO. The Dominican embassy in Haiti explained to the Chancellery of that country that the recent decision by the Constitution Tribunal regarding the nationality of the children of irregular foreigners that live in the country was a decision taken by an independent tribunal, and not a decision by the government in answer to the commercial measures taken by this country (Haiti) which have affected the Dominican Republic.

According to what was reported to the Diario Libre, when last Tuesday Silie met with the Haitian Chancellor, Pierre-Richard Casimir, at the request of the Haitian side, the official of the neighboring country told him that a group of jurists will study the sentence and then establish a position as a government.

Haiti also called back its ambassador in the Dominican Republic, Fritz Cineas, for consultations in relation to the same business.

Protests at the Embassy

Representatives of organizations that work for the defense of human rights in Haiti protested yesterday in front of the headquarters of the Dominican embassy in the neighboring country, in a show of repudiation of the sentence TC/0168/13 by the Constitutional Tribunal. The demonstration was watched by police agents.

The Constitutional Tribunal of the Republic established on 25 September that the children of citizens in transit born in this country are denied the privilege of being granted the right to Dominican citizenship.

The decision affects, principally, the descendants of Haitian immigrants who have manifested their rejection of the measure. The same thing has been done in the UN.
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