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Federico Antun Batlle: "They destroyed the PRSC, but now it can rise rapidly to 22%"

He warns that now the force of reason will impose itself and not wrong ideas

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SANTO DOMINGO. The president of the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC), Federico Antun Batlle, warned that during his second period at the helm he would not permit erroneous political criteria to impose themselves and that from now on he would impose "the force of reason".

Antun Batlle, who was followed by Carlos Morales in August 2009, said that he took the PRSC to 26% of the popular voting, but Reformist sectors destroyed this work.

My history made be return for a second opportunity. The party, to me, was destroyed at the hands of many of those personages that consider themselves to be leaders, and on this occasion they are not going to destroy it because I am going to build it with young people and women. The party reached the stage, before 2009, in 2006 if I recall correctly, of 26%, "he said.

The president of the Reformists said that when a profound survey is taken, and you make the analysis, Reformism can grow quickly to 22%." He explained that when you talk of the PRSC being eradicated it is done in structural terms.

He argued that if a poll is taken, the PRSC is between two and four percent, but if you dig deeper into the feelings of the people, in the hearts of the young people that have voted mostly for the PLD and another part for the PRD, Reformism can easily grow to 22%, without putting up candidates, without promoting the congressional and municipal candidates. Likewise, he indicated that he knows who are against him in the PRSC and they know his story.

"I know my compatriots, to which I have neither given or taken, whoever has not gone to my house, I have gone to their house. I know them all, even those leaders that complain, I know them all, I know their history and they know mine," he underlined.

Regarding the complaints that the PRSC does not have offices in the municipalities, he pointed out that some of his "compatriots" demand buildings and he asks them: "Where are the people?"

He explained that first they have to find the people and then the offices, because for the party it is not logical to have an empty locale.

The locale does not make the party, it is the feeling and the heart of the people. The party is not in a locale, the party is in the heart, in their feelings, in their principles, in their values, in the appreciation of the people. The locale is needed like churches are needed, but the Church is not in its temples, it is a meeting place," he said.

He promised that he would open locales in each one of the towns, but with planning, while at the same time he attributed the demands to an old (political) culture.

The political leader pointed out that he has not taken on the presidency of the party, but that he is meeting by stages, as he has already done with some young persons and other sectors.

He indicated that he is concentrating on listening and on seeing where they are going and in creating a conscience of what "I am saying in order that they do not continue with the chorus, with empty little speeches that are not backed up by research."

"My compatriots always say to me, I began as a little boy. "Engineer, I am with you, count on me and we are in." I tell them, you are both lying. Let's tell each other the truth, eh?", Antun Batlle said, when he took part in Dialogo Libre.

Antun says he will report every three months; he prefers to forget the past

The president of the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC), Federico Antun Batlle, refuses to evaluate the administration of Carlos Morales Troncoso and to refer to how he received the administrative situation of the party.

"How did I get it? I prefer not to say. I prefer that we go down the road to the future in the perspective of unity, of peace, cordiality and harmony," he said.

He promised to use properly and with transparency the resources that the PRSC receives, especially those from the Central Electoral Board. He also says that he has the aim of producing a publication every "three or four months" on what they are going to do with the party's resources.

He said that those resources are from the public coffers and that "at time they are used in secret." No, this has to be transparent, the party has to mark the difference."

Reformists will have to deal with issues internally

The new leadership of the Social Christian Reformist Party warns that now the leaders and the rank and file will have to follow the statutes and a single line of communication, avoiding dealing with the internal problems in the media.

The PRSC president presented on Dialogo Libre the new secretary for discipline, the young lawyer Joan Fernandez Osorio, who explained the manner in which they will apply the "iron discipline" which Antun announced.

"Responding to you question regarding the third of the pillars of the new presidency of Engineer Antun, I can tell you that the iron discipline to which he refers is not to inhibit the freedom of expression of the members or the internal democracy, but rather to guarantee the respect of all the members of the statutes and the decisions taken by the party organs," he argued.

Fernandez Osorio indicated that the members of the PRSC could voice their objections and issues but inside the party organizations, "not in the press". He warned that the lines of communication and the programs should be respected since the Reformists will necessarily have to go in one direction.
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