| 08 JUN 2010, 12:00 AM

Police solve double murder in Puerto Plata

Family's lawyer complained that drug gang killed 40 in 2006

SANTO DOMINGO. The National Police reported the arrest of Regino Martinez, the alleged intellectual author of the incident in which the young engineer from Puerto Plata, Engels Sarita Almeyda was killed alongside the accused drug trafficker Aladino Acevedo Diaz.

The crime on 1 March 2006 was supposedly directed against Acevedo Diaz because of a drug heist among drug dealers.

With the arrest, the National Police say the case, which saddened all of Puerto Plata and the town of Altamira, is solved. Police spokesperson Nelson Rosario said "there are still some people to pick up".

Sarita Almeyda's father, Ramiro, said that during the afternoon of the murders, his son was working on a contract with Acevedo Diaz, whose connection with drugs he did not know anything about. The lawyer of the Sarita Almeyda family, Maximo Vargas, complained of the fact that in 2006 there were more than 40 murders tied to drugs in the province.

During the police investigation it came out that the First Lieutenant Luis Rafael Fermin Cabrera had been arrested. Fermin Cabrera was the officer in charge of Investigations of Crimes and Offenses against Property in Puerto Plata. The police report proves that Fermin Cabrera hid the shell casings of the shots fired during the double homicide with the idea of hiding evidence.

Martinez was picked up on 1 June during a search in apartment 1-A of the Martinez building, in the Jardines del Atlantico residential area in Puerto Plata, where the authorities found RD$4.9 million in cash, a pistol, three passports and a merchant marine identification card.
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