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Attorney General investigates assets attributed to Felix Bautista worth RD $3.0 billion

Bautista rejects idea he has villas and asphalt plants

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Attorney General investigates assets attributed to Felix Bautista worth RD $3.0 billion
SD. The Attorney General of the Republic possesses a list of 155 property assets, of which 127 were valued at more than RD $3.0 billion, these include four apartment towers, two villas, a summerhouse, three asphalt plants and numerous portions of land, which are said to belong to the Inmobiliaria Rofi and its principal shareholder, Senator Felix Bautista.

This is regarding the properties which the Attorney General, Francisco Dominguez Brito, placed under embargoes before the Offices of Deed Registrars in the in the corresponding areas, with the purpose that they cannot be transferred, as part of an investigative process by the Specialized State's Attorney for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption (PEPCA).

The chapter of "the property evaluation of the corporate network," presents as an alleged patrimony of the Secretary of Organization of the Dominican Liberation Party, the company called Hormigones del Caribe, which produces, negotiates and transports cement mixtures, which has two plants, a first one in the Manoguayabo Industrial Park and a second in the Las Americas Industrial Park (PILA), "which was acquired at a price of approximately US $33 million."

There is also the Rofi III tower, located on Baltasar Brum #12, La Esperilla, which consists of 14 apartments, plus a penthouse valued at RD $58,202,430.

Likewise, the chapter presents an area of 795.39 m² which are registered in the name of the Consortium of Owners of the Rofi III Condominium Tower. Other assets which are under embargo include the Rofi II Tower, located on Fabio A. Mota Street, in Naco, which has 12 floors of which two were used for parking. The report of the Attorney General establishes a value of RD $48,882,549.

The tower called Rofi I, where Bautista supposedly owns three apartments valued at RD $10.5 million each plus a penthouse which cost RD $20.2 million.

The 16 story Continente Tower, built on the Eugenio de Marchena St. #16 of the La Esperilla sector, registered in the name of Imperial Construction S. R. L., is valued at about RD $125 million.

The real shares also cover the housing complex of 40 buildings of eight apartments each, which total 320 apartments, on the Franco Bido Avenue in the Nibaje sector of Santiago de los Caballeros.

This construction project by the Inmobiliaria Rofi S R L, called Urbanization Hemisphere, is valued at RD $275 million and change.

According to the list, engrossing the mass of property assets is a penthouse on the 16th floor of the Malecon Center which has an area of 362.29 m², and is valued at RD $51,807,470, "registered in the name of its old owner known as K. S. Investment, S. A., but the property is under the control and domination of Felix Ramon Bautista Rosario."

Among the assets whose approximate value is pending clarification, are the Villa Number 49 - A of the Casa de Campo tourist complex, constructed on a lot that measures 1074.82 m², "acquired in the name of the Marte Nova and Associates, S. R. L., a company tied to Bolivar Antonio Ventura Rodriguez and his wife Roseline Marte Nova." There is also a villa within the Puerto Bahia project, in Samana; a summerhouse, from located in Villa Central in the city of Barahona.

Asset number 156 on the list corresponds to an asphalt and aggregate plant called "La Isabela Asphalt Plant," located in Barahona, "which is built on State lands." A second asphalt and aggregate plant is the "El Capa Asphalt Plant," located in the parish of El Capa, in San Juan de la Maguana, also allegedly built on State lands. The other is located in Oregano Chiquito in Azua.