Businessman Juan Bautista Vicini Cabral die at 91

  • He headed the Vicini family business for more than 50 years
SANTO DOMINGO. Yesterday, at 91 years of age, businessman Juan Bautista Vicini Cabral (Gianni), who led the Vicini family businesses in their third-generation for more than 50 years, passed away.

Vicini Cabral died as he received attention at the Able Gonzalez Center of Advanced Medicine in Santo Domingo.

His eldest son, Felipe A Vicini, the executive President of VICINI, confirmed his passing, which occurred at 3 o'clock on Monday afternoon.

The eldest son of the marriage between Felipe Vicini Perdomo and Amelia Cabral Bermudez was born in Genoa, Italy, on 7 April 1924. He graduated summa cum laude from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in chemical engineering in 1946.

The family stressed that Vicini Cabral led the family businesses together with his three brothers, all deceased: Laura Amelia, José Maria and Felipe De Jesus, converting the inherited sugar business into the Dynamo of free enterprise starting in 1961, with the arrival of democracy and private enterprise in the Dominican Republic.

They also stressed that "Juan Bautista Vicini Cabral maintained the secret of his outstanding and committed participation in the conspiracy which put an end to the Trujillo dictatorship, in which he was known as "Mister X", something that was revealed 25 years later by the person who at that time was the Charge d'Affairs at the United States Embassy, when the Department of State declassified the documents in its archives regarding that conspiracy."

In September 2008, President Leonel Fernandez Reyna awarded the decoration of the Duarte, Sanchez and Mella Order of Merit, Gran Cruz Placa de Plata to Vicini Cabral, in an act held on the occasion of being selected Agro - businessman of the Year, by the Dominican Agro business Board (JAD).

Don Gianni was married in New York to Alma Stella Lluberes Henriquez and was the father of three sons: Felipe Augusto, Juan Bautista and Amelia Stella.

When he handed over the family business in 2007 to the administration of his sons - the brothers Vicini Lluberes - and nephews - the brothers Vicini Perez - the fourth generation of the family in the Dominican Republic, the businesses included important investments in tourism, real estate, financial services, energy, industry, food and beverages, retail sales and the media.

At the present time, under the leadership of Felipe A Vicini, the executive president, VICINI is a private administrator of assets with investments and administration in the NOLA region (North and Latin America, except Mexico), stressed the business group.

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