Contradictions heat up feelings in the PRD

  • A deputy from SFM is thrown out, the JRD calls for Vargas' resignation
SD. The former presidential candidate for the Dominican Revolutionary Party, Hipolito Mejia, met yesterday with leaders that composed his election campaign team in order to evaluate the last election process and convene the Political Commission for next Friday, a step that could put the opposition party on the way to an internal division.

At the end of the meeting, Orlando Jorge Mera, the PRD secretary general, reported that in the meeting they discussed and reviewed several reports related to the elections.

He said that one of the points to be dealt with by the Political Commission would be the position that several politicians adopted in the last elections, among them the party president Miguel Vargas Maldonado.

The contradictions between the followers of Mejia and Vargas were "fiery red" yesterday and they took a new turn with the expulsion from the party for "high treason" of the deputy Virgilio Manuel Gonzalez (Manny), and another two members of the PRD Municipal Committee in San Francisco de Macoris.

Jorge Peña, the secretary general of the PRD in that city said that in the area they have begun to kick out the political "traitors and the garbage."

Peña said that the persons purged from the party had tempted the PRD members with money to go and vote for a candidate that was different from that of the party.

In addition, other internal sectors joined in to ask for the purging of the PRD president because he did not support the presidential campaign of the PRD candidate.

During the afternoon, a group of young persons belonging to the Dominican Revolutionary Youth (JRD), headed by Darwin Feliz Matos, the national secretary for Communication, held a press conference on the sidewalk outside the National House of the PRD on Enrique Jimenez Moya Avenue, where they read a document that called for Vargas to resign as party president.

"We demand that you as president of this organization, come to your senses and present your resignation to the post or you will be liable for expulsion for "high treason," said the letter.

The young PRD members had to read the document on the sidewalk because party security would not allow them to go in to the statue of Jose Francisco Peña Gomez.

In the meantime, the provincial president of the PRD in Santiago, Ulises Rodriguez, called on Miguel Vargas to resign from the presidency of the political organization.

Rodriguez said that this resignation is necessary in order to avoid greater traumas in the processes of evaluation, reflection and renovation of the leadership of the party.

Drivers against Vargas

The president of the National Transportation Command (CNT), Antonio Marte, joined the voices that called for the expulsion of the PRD president, who is accused of betraying the party.

Marte said that Vargas had ordered his followers to vote for the reformists and the Civic Renovator Party (PCR).

"Miguel thinks that we are stupid. That it is not known that his people went around buying the céduals of PRD members and sent other to vote for other parties," said Marte.

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