Maduro: "Whoever messes with Haiti messes with the people of Venezuela"

  • The Venezuelan president committed himself to be impartial as a mediator
SANTO DOMINGO. The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said during an interview with a newspaper from that country, that he mediated for more than a month so that the Dominican Republic and Haiti could agree to restart the talks that deal with the issues that belong to both countries.

In this same vein, he said that "we are unconditional brothers with the Haitian people and whoever messes with the people of Haiti messes with the people of Venezuela."

When he answered the question "What does that mean?" to the Venezuelan newspaper "Ultimas Noticias" regarding the mediation in the Dominican-Haitian conflict which came about after the sentence by the Constitutional Tribunal on the status of undocumented residents, Maduro added:

"They are our older brothers (the Haitians), they are our dear brothers, and fortunately the Dominican Republic has shown wisdom and has established a time-line starting now."

In this sense, he reported in this new interview that Venezuela would designate a special envoy that qualifies to go to the assistance "truly and that they can overcome these conditions and that the Haitian people are guaranteed their fundamental rights."

Retaking his rhetoric regarding colonialism in dealing with the Haitian and Dominican crisis, Maduro concluded his explanation to "Últimas Noticias" warning that "we have to overcome the historical obstacle that the old colonialisms have left us and that at time is seen around, such as the oligarchy, the right, that permanently are trying to put forward the issue of hate against the people of Guyana, hate against the Colombian people, hate against Latin America, the anti-Bolivarian hate."

The interview was broadcast last 24 December, a week after the Venezuelan president announced that the Haitian President, Michel Martelly and the Dominican President, Danilo Medina, agreed to restart the talks.

The announcement was made in the II Extraordinary Summit of the ALBA-TCP-Petrocaribe nations held in Caracas.

Before the summit, a Dominican mission travelled to Venezuela and to Cuba to explain about the sentence of the Constitutional Tribunal which has generated rejection throughout the international community.

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