Man and Woman of the Year: Altagracia Paulino and Felix Sanchez

SANTO DOMINGO. Olympic medalist Felix Sanchez and the director of Pro Consumer, Altagracia Paulino, were chosen as the Man and Woman of the Year for 2012, by Diario Libre.

Sanchez, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, obtained the highest number of votes among the candidates for the Man of the Year prize, while Paulino was also the highest vote getter among the candidates for Woman of the Year.

The other finalists for the Prize will receive their own trophies tonight and are: Rafael Emilio Yunen, the director of the Centro Leon in Santiago; the cultural host Freddy Ginebra, the president of the Casa de Teatro; first responder Edwin Olivares of the COE and Dr Julio Amado Castaños Guzman, the rector of the Ibero-American University (Unibe) and director of the Plaza de la Salud in the category of Man of the Year.

Artist Elsa Nuñez, who celebrates fifty years in art; publicist Catalin Salazar, the president of the NGO Techo; the sexologist Ana Simo and the Olympic athlete Yamilet Peña complete the finalists for the category of Woman of the Year.

The Prize of Man and Woman of the Year has been celebrated since 2006 and looks to reward outstanding persons for their service to the community or for work the extols the Dominican Republic.

Among the personalities that have received the prize are doña Melba Segura de Grullon, of the Sur Futuro Foundation; the distance swimmer Marco Diaz; singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra; journalists Nuria Piera and Alicia Ortega; doctors Felix Antonio Cruz Jiminian and Jose Joaquin Puello; humorist and philanthropist Freddy Beras Goico; Mary Perez de Marranzini, the founder of Rehabilitation; doña Olga Gonzales of the Patronato Cibao against Cancer, and the Reverend Father Juan Linares of Boys of Don Bosco.

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