Miguel Diloné loses an eye in baseball accident

Miguel Diloné
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.- Former major league baseball player Miguel Diloné lost his left eye today (yesterday) in a freak accident during baseball practice in the ball field in Villa Olga.

The so-called "Saeta Cibaeña" (the Cibao Dart) was being operated on at the Union Medica del Cibao as this report was written. A later report filed by Cornelio Batista said that doctors avoided complications in the right eye.

The ophthalmologist, Dr. Tony Gernandez, one of the doctors that attended the former ballplayer, said that the patient suffered an accident that caused the left eye to break apart.

"We did what is called an evisceration, which is a cleaning of the eye, in a second opportunity we will place a prosthetic device, and then we have to see how this procedure continues," said Fernandez.

Dr. Fernando Valdez Russo, an ENT specialist, said that the patient also suffered a partial fracture of the nose that caused bleeding that was successfully halted.

"After cleaning and aspirating those clots, a nasal plug will be used for two days, but the bleeding was halted and the patient is out of danger."

The accident has caused distress in the city of Santiago and a large number of people were at the medical center interested in the health of the former leader of the Aguilas Cibaeñas.

Rollin Fermin, one of the leading sportswriters in Santiago, told Diario Libre, "This was nearly a tragedy, because Guelo is still a great leader, a idol that has always had good relations with the fans."

Guelo Diloné, the all-time leader in stolen bases in the history of Dominican baseball, regularly visited the ball field at Villa Olga to see how the young players were developing.

Apparently he was practicing with a 15 year old prospect and the incident occurred while he was giving instructions on a batting technique. The prospect was practicing with one of his sons.

According to the report by Dr. Ruddy Pichardo, a foul tip hit one of the pipes on the protective screen and ricocheted to hit the former star of Dominican and Major League baseball, where he played with the Cleveland Indians.

"Luis, Guelo was hit by a foul ball at the baseball field of Villa Olga, with such bad luck that the ball scratched all of the left eye," were the words that Dr. Ruddy Pichardo told the sports reporter at the Diario Libre.

"At this moment, 5:25 p.m. (yesterday afternoon), Guelo is being taken to the operating room, he lost his left eye and they will have to fit a prosthesis," were the words from Dr. Pichardo.
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