New Cabinet with new and old faces

SANTO DOMINGO. President Danilo Medina swore in yesterday his cabinet composed of 24 officials, some new and others well known.

By Decree 454-12, the Vice Admiral Sigfrido Pared Perez was appointed Minister of the Armed Forces; Gustavo Montalvo was named Minister of the President; Simon Lizardo was appointed in Hacienda and Gonzalo Castillo in Public Works.

Other appointments were Maritza Hernandez as Minister of Labor; Freddy Hidalgo in Public Health; Cesar Pina Toribio as the Presidential Legal Advisor. Previously he was the Minister of the President.

In the same way the following were sworn in: Jose Antonio Rodriguez in Culture; Francisco Dominguez Brito as Attorney General; Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal as Minister of Sports, Jorge Minaya in the Ministry of Youth, and the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, Jose Ramon Peralts and Bautista Rojas Gomes in Environment as well as Haivanhoe NG Cortiñas as the Controller General.

During the act that was held in the Ambassador's Hall of the Presidential Palace, the following were confirmed in their posts: Jose Ramon Fadul in Interior and Police; the Chancellor, Carlos Morales Troncoso; in the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development, Temistocles Montas; in Public Administration, Ramon Ventura Camejo; in the Ministry of Women, Alejandrina Gernan; in Higher Education, Ligia Amada Melo and Josefina Pimentel in Education.

Besides Pina Toribio, there were some that were moved from one position to another, such as Dominguez Brito, who was in the Labor Ministry, Rojas Gomez who was in Public Health, NG Cortiñas, who was the Superintendent of Banks, and Simon Lizardo, who was the Controller General.

During the activities in the seat of government, Danilo Medina was accompanied by the Vice President, Margarita Cedeño de Fernandez.

Hundreds of persons went to the Presidential Palace, which at times produces some disorders and chaos. As a result of this, one of the panes in the door to the outer office of the President was broken.

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