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Three die as helicopter crashes in Ocoa

Recovery teams will renew efforts to remove victims and aircraft parts

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Three die as helicopter crashes in Ocoa
IDAC informed about the accident
SANTO DOMINGO. Three occupants of a helicopter that yesterday fell to the ground in the area of El Limon in San Jose de Ocoa died according to the report from the Dominica Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC). Until now, only the aircraft's pilot has been identified. He was Wilkler Diaz Romero, a First Lieutenant in the Dominican Army, and his companions were two architects assigned to the Chancellery.

The helicopter lifted off at 2:35 yesterday afternoon from the heliport of the Hotel Santo Domingo.

The aircraft carried the tail-number N871SA, and was a Colibri Charli 120. The flight plan was to San Jose de Ocoa from Santo Domingo, but it went to the ground at El Limon, in a mountainous area.

The IDAC said that at approximately 2:55 p.m. the Control and Communication Center in Santo Domingo received a call from the pilot saying that they could close the flight plan as he had is final destination in sight in the province of San Jose de Ocoa.

The names of the two architects have not been released, and all that is known is that they were attached to the Chancellery in Santo Domingo.

The downed helicopter was the property of the Dominican consul in Haiti, Carlos Castillo, who was not on board at the time of the accident.

A commission of technicians from the Search and Rescue Unit of IDAC and an Accident Investigating Commission from the Civil Aviation Board are in charge of the investigation to find out why the aircraft crashed.