| 04 ENE 2013, 12:00 AM

Blackouts increase for towns in the Cibao

SANTIAGO. The electricity supply has collapsed this month of January in the Cibao, principally in sectors of Santiago where they are reporting blackouts of between 6 and 14 straight hours. This affects the productive activities.

The lack of electricity affects the towns of Licey, Tamboril, San Jose de las Matas, Navarrete, Villa Gonzalez, Sabana Iglesia and others.

In the case of Tamboril and Licey, the blackouts reach 14 hours a day in some sectors, according to complaints by neighbors of the areas of the province.

The Electricity Distribution Company of the North (Ede-Norte) had reported that the distribution of electricity that they receive is out of the programming of the electricity generators.

Therefore, the circuits with B, C or D classifications are forced to undergo blackouts that are longer than usual, due to the fall in the availability of generation.

The lack of energy has even been felt in the Cibao Stadium where the service was interrupted for more than 20 minutes on Wednesday night when they were celebrating the game between the Aguilas Cibaeñas and the Toros del Este.

Nonetheless, Ede-Norte reported that the interruption of the electric service to the stadium was due to an illegal connection that was done by a person who is under investigation.
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