| 04 SEP 2012, 12:00 AM

Group sent to Justice Dept for death of young Jose Carlos Hernandez

Woman is identified and also goes to Prosecutor as witness

SD. The National Police obtained the knife which they used to kill Jose Carlos Hernandez Hernandez. They sent the three men accused of killing the musician and a woman that acted in the case to the District Attorney where the woman will be a witness for the prosecution. At the same time, the authorities are looking for three other persons involved in the same case.

These persons are Miguel Angel Bautista ( La Bola), 25; Josaias Benjamin Mora Lorenzo (El Niño) and Maximo Darvin Almanzar Guerra (Wari), as well as the 20 year old woman, Cristhy Lorena Sanchez, who alleges to have been raped by two men only known as El Brujo and El Chino.

Nevertheless, the investigators have yet to establish the real causes for the killing of the musician.

The Police revealed that the three fugitives were identified as "Mancebo," " Dominic," and "Prototipo," who held Hernandez while Josaias Benjamin Mota Lorenzo stabbed him with a 10 inch,Rambo-style knife.

The team of investigators let by General Maximo Baez Aybar established that the murder weapon was taken from Miguel Angel Bautista Mota (La Bola) who Josaias gave it to for safe keeping.

In the meantime, the owner of the bar called Gustavo Live Pub, where the tragic events occurred, said yesterday that his business would be reopened today and that nobody has communicated with him that he should close it. According to Jean Russo, the death of Hernandez occurred outside of his establishment and that the victim had argued previously with his killers.

And the company that represents the Dewars White Label brand has decided to withdraw its support for the activities that are held there. "This event damages our image and for that reason we have notified (the owners) that we are withdrawing the support that we gave to the activities that were held here," said an official who did not want to give his name.

Yesterday the National Police said that Hernandez had nothing to do with the alleged rape which the woman called Cristhy Lorena Sanchez was supposed to have suffered more than a month ago at the hands of El Brujo and El Chileno.

Tito Hernandez, an uncle of the victim, called on the authorities to clear up the case and added that he does not think that the death of his nephew was a casual event.

The District Attorney

The District Attorney has not established whether or not the persons accused of killing the musician Jose Carlos Hernandez were on drugs at the time of committing the horrendous crime which has shook up all of Dominican society. Hernandez has been described as a good son and a good brother and friend, an excellent human being. His remains were buried beside those of his father in the cemetery in San Cristobal. The authorities are waiting for the autopsy report.
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