| 20 NOV 2012, 12:00 AM

Plot by alleged Cibao cartel chief against Gisela Cueto discovered

SANTO DOMINGO. The director of Extraditions and International Affairs of the Attorney General of the Republic, Gisela Cueto, reported that the alleged chief of the Cibao cartel, Yvan Miguel Tineo Paulino, contracted some alleged assassins to carry out a plan that included her murder, with the aim of avoiding his extradition to the United States, where he faces drug trafficking charges.

She spelled out that about a week ago, from several corroborating sources, information was confirmed that the extraditable drug dealer allegedly had contracted four person with M-16 rifles and more than 100 rounds, to stop her at a "checkpoint" while dressed as police officers.

The Deputy Attorney General explained that with this scenario they planned to murder her.

She pointed out that in the previous hearing Tineo started the pressure because he had access to alcoholic beverages in the cellblock for those facing extradition in the Najayo jail.

"He does what he wants; don't you see the arrogance with which he stands there?" she said in the courtroom of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, at a time when the alleged capo was listening to the statements by the magistrate.

"Gentlemen, you know that I have had many different cases. This is the first time that I have made statements of this type."

The Deputy Attorney General stated that information was received regarding the plan to kill her, and this was corroborated by several sources.

Cueto said that the lawyer that is defending Tineo in the extradition process, Angela Cortorreal is said to be his woman.

In a reaction to the complaint by the prosecutor, the extraditable Tineo denied that he had a plan to kill her.

"My extradition process and what I supposedly have pending is not so serious that I have to involve myself in a problem of this type."

Tineo said that if the Attorney General has the proof regarding the alleged criminal plot, then they should file a formal accusation.

The complaint by Cueto was made after Tineo once again challenged the justices Frank Soto Sanchez, Alejandro Moscoso Segarra, Esther Agelan Casasnovas and Juan Hirohito Reyes.

The magistrates rejected the challenge against their presence. The process will continue on 7 December.

Tineo is requested in extradition by the penal authorities of the United States where there are five charges of robbery, drug distribution and illegal possession of a firearm.

Tineo is also implicated in the country with a stash of 157 bricks of cocaine that were seized from a boat in the port of Samana during a joint operation by the DNCD, the Navy and the Dominican Air Force. This case was provisionally filed away.
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