Court orders trial in lawsuit between Santiago families

The Batlle - Bermudez case will open next 23 July

SANTIAGO. The presiding judge of the First Collegiate Tribunal of the Judicial District of Santiago, Sergio Furcal, ordered the opening of a trial in a lawsuit involving the families Batlle - Bermudez regarding the alleged falsification of documents in order to prejudice an interested party in the well known liquor company J. Armando Bermudez C. x A.

The decision by the judge of came after several hours of debates, in which the lawyers for the defense attempted to postpone the trial.

Nevertheless, Judge Furcal rejected all the arguments presented by the lawyers in question, headed by Francisco Duran Gonzalez.

The defendants are Carlos Alberto Bermudez Pippa (Carlucho) and Manuel José Cabral Tavarez while the plaintiffs are the brothers Edmundo Batlle - Bermudez and Abelardo Batlle - Bermudez.

According to the lawsuit, the brothers accused Carlucho Bermudez and Manuel José Cabral of having falsified documents in order to cheat them out of the 24.23% of the shares of the liquor company, which also has investments in other areas of the Dominican business world and even includes electronic media.

The judge ordered the opening of the trial for 23 July in Santiago. The Collegiate Tribunal went so far as to warn the defense lawyers regarding the consequences of procedural misbehavior when these were excessive in their efforts to stall the process. The case has been in the courts for 18 years.


This trial is being held based on sentence Num. 0508/2009 CPP of the Court of Appeals of Santiago, which decided to admit the accusation and open a trial against the indicated businessmen as accomplices in the falsification of the bailiff's act Num. 181 - 1997 and as the perpetrators of the use of this false document. According to the accusation Carlucho Bermudez and Manuel José Cabral managed to have the alterations to a bailiff's citation by means of which they intended to sell at public auction the shares of the J. Armando Bermudez C x A company which were the property of the Batlle - Bermudez family.

According to the accusation, the falsified document in question was one of the instruments used in the operations carried out by those businessmen in order to "secretly" steal from the Batlle - Bermudez family their 24.23% of the shares that they possessed in the company and so have control of the shares of the company.